Wow. Bullet dodged? This one sounds like a weirdo and probably a creeper (I've found that people think like that often do so because they'd do the same thing, and also he's really sensitive about being called a creep). Best avoided, though I'm sorry you had to deal with that. » 9/15/14 10:16pm Monday 10:16pm

Having some experience hitting people with their consent, I actually buy that. It doesn't remove blame from him in any sense in my book. It's already pretty terrible to physically punish a child, worse to do it in a way everyone understands to be more painful, and incredibly irresponsible to do it when you don't have… » 9/15/14 9:44pm Monday 9:44pm

I know those guys. There's always one husband or boyfriend like that in any group of women. I don't see them so much as brownie pointers as dudes who otherwise wouldn't be willing to let their woman out of the house, though, and I suspect half the reason they insist on tagging along is that they know the friends would… » 9/15/14 8:25pm Monday 8:25pm

I would like a little less voiceover as well. The whole bit entering the castle where Claire thinks how she's finally among her own people? That could have been left unsaid, because it was clear from the dinner party that she was more accepted and comfortable among those men. » 9/15/14 5:43pm Monday 5:43pm

I really, really dislike Ariana Grande, and these comments are unpleasant enough to make me Team Ariana. Mayim could have looked her up and found out who she was, and having not done so seems very dismissive toward a younger woman who she doesn't know anything about (even if there admittedly is a lot to dismiss about… » 9/15/14 4:53pm Monday 4:53pm

I'm surprised how many people predicted doom for that relationship. Sure, it's a Hollywood relationship. Odds that it will last 10 years are low, just as they're low when we're talking about two sweet, well-liked stars. But Kim and Kanye have known each other for many years and it seems like they have very similar… » 9/15/14 3:33pm Monday 3:33pm

I sort of wish that medications like the pill were available over the counter as well, because I think medical gating makes it quite difficult for teenagers to access them, but I agree that this strategy is bullshit meant to make life harder for poor women. » 9/15/14 2:34pm Monday 2:34pm

I don't know why either party thought this would be a good idea. On U2's side, it opened them up for public scorn by people who don't care for their music. On Apple's, it flies in the face of everything they ought to know about their customer and how obsessed that sort of person gets about musical taste. » 9/15/14 2:09pm Monday 2:09pm